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COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines & Restrictions

as of 5/22/2020

The details of these changes are listed below. Please read them carefully. These procedures, rules, and guidelines are ever-changing, and we will update you when something new arises or changes. We are doing our best to get it correct the first time, but things may change based on information from the State of Nebraska, Douglas County Health, the CDC, and other national organizations including the United States Swim School Association. As restrictions are relaxed, we will also be relaxing our restrictions.

Please bring your children to lessons in their swimsuits. For those that wear swim diapers, please put those on when you get here. We ask that families do not come inside until 3 minutes before their scheduled time. Until then, we ask that you wait in your vehicles and maintain social distancing. We will only be allowing one adult in our facility with each child. For families with more than one child, we would prefer only one adult for the family but will allow one adult per child. You are welcome to watch lessons from the outside windows on the south side of the pool with other family members. Outside and inside of the facility, we will have markings to promote social distancing. Before coming inside, you and your child will be temperature screened by a staff member. We are requiring those in our viewing area to bring and wear face-masks that cover their mouth and nose. We are removing most chairs from the facility. Adults, who are in the viewing area, are welcome to bring their own chairs to use during lessons. Hand sanitizer will be available once inside the facility.

Paper forms for make ups, withdrawals, and change requests will not be available. All of these forms can be filled out and submitted to us through our website. Families will still be able to purchase items from our retail store. We ask that families only charge items to their account, or use a credit or debit card. We are limiting our use of cash payments.

As of now, our preschool & kidz lessons without a parent will be private 15-20 minute lessons with our instructors wearing a special face-mask in the pool. Lessons with a parent in the water will be reduced to 3 per class with the instructor wearing a special face-mask. Pre-competitive classes will be limited to 10 in a class that will be 30 minutes long with coaches on the deck. Children in levels 3 & 4 and pre-competitive that wish to wear goggle will have to have their own goggles. We will not have loaner goggle for those that forget their goggles. We will not be conducting formal evaluations as in the past. However, we will promote children to the next level when appropriate. We will be using a limited amount of equipment during lessons. Equipment we do use will be kept in the pool water to be sanitized with chlorine.

To reduce the number of touched surfaces at Little Waves, we are instituting a “WRAP & GO” policy. After children have completed their lesson, we are requesting you wrap your child in their towel and exit through the door on the south side of the pool deck. We will only have a limited number of changing rooms available for those who absolutely need it. For those that wish to rinse off, the showers on the pool deck will still be available after class. Showers in the front bathrooms will be restricted. We will be providing an alternative exit off of the pool deck and out of the facility to stay within the guidelines from the health department.

We will continue to sanitize high touch areas several times in a day. These areas include, but are not limited to, all door handles, surfaces in bathrooms, changing tables and shower handles. The drinking fountains and our suit dryer will also not be available at this time.

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