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At LITTLE WAVES FAMILY SWIM SCHOOL,  we believe that children are most successful in a consistent learning environment. Overuse of rescheduling negatively affects classes and your child's progress. Please honor the spirit of this privilege and use it only for illness and serious conflicts. 

You may request to schedule 1 makeup class per calendar month. You may request a makeup up to 7 days in advance of an absence. We track attendance, however there is no need to report an absence if it is less than 12 hours before the class. We will not be able to use that empty spot. Makeups must be scheduled within 60 days of the absence. Makeups are based on availability, and are not guaranteed. You are paying monthly tuition for your child's spot in their weekly class. You may not receive any type of credit for a missed class. If you miss a makeup, we cannot reschedule a makeup (you cannot make up a makeup).  

We do not recommend makeup classes if your child is upset or anxious about any aspect of the swim lesson experience (strangers, noise, separation anxiety, water, submersions, etc) or is sensitive to change (time, teacher, environment).


To request a Make-Up Lesson, please fill out the form below. We will attempt to contact you within 3 business days to arrange for a Make-Up. If there is a request for more than 1 child to do a Make-Up Lesson, we may not be able to schedule them at the same time and/or same day.  

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